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Short for "sport utility vehicle", SUV cars are the most transitional vehicles on the road today. The best SUV features the durability and utility of a light truck made for tougher terrains while remaining easy to handle on city roads and highways. Consumers looking an SUV for sale often favor the all-wheel drive that even the best small SUV features.

Commonly, a crossover SUV is referred to as a proper SUV, even though these are usually built on a car platform rather than a truck chassis. SUVs are popular family options. The best midsize SUV has two or three rows of seats with a cargo area, making it perfect for extra storage. Because of their greater durability, gas consumption is often an issue that many SUV reviews will highlight. Make sure to do your homework and if this is a concern, look at hybrid SUVs that are on the market. A compact SUV is very popular in North America because it's "4x4" capacity is able to withstand slippery winter roads. It's also the preferred long-distance travel companion.

In fact, travelling in a luxury SUV can be the most pleasant way to tour the country from north to south.

Compact SUV

Compact SUVs are a great option for those who need to drive both in the city and out on the open road. The best compact SUVs will offer the powered engine you’re looking for without taking up the space or the gas. Note, most compact SUVs offer only 2-row seating. If you need space for both your stuff and your large family, you may need a bigger SUV.

Choosing the best SUV all depends on what your family’s needs are. Don’t have a large family? Then a compact SUV is the choice for you.

Midsize SUV

Make sure to read SUV reviews for the best SUV features, from multiple sources online before you look for an SUV for sale. SUV cars today come in many sizes and fuel economy options.The most efficient is, of course, a compact SUV or a hybrid SUV. If you don't need too much space but still want fuel economy, the best small SUV should serve you just fine.

The best midsize SUV falls is one step over from a crossover SUV, closer to a full-size SUV. Many luxury SUV brands can be "mid-size", depending on your storage needs.

Full-size SUV

If you're choosing the best midsize SUV for your vehicle and you're purchasing an SUV for sale in North America, chances are you're buying something close to a full-size SUV. These can be luxury SUV brands and are distinguished from other SUV cars by three rows of seating. Unlike a hybrid SUV, it's not as fuel efficient. Looking at SUV reviews online will reveal that the best SUV is one that suits your family's needs.

So the best small SUV in class, a compact SUV or a crossover may not be right for you if you're looking for more space.

Hybrid SUV

Ranging from compact SUV four seaters to a luxury SUV, 8-passenger, a hybrid SUV is a great way to enjoy the benefits of an all-wheel drive while saving on gas. Most of the regular or plug-in SUVs for sale are great for long-distance and cross-country travel. Make sure to read up on SUV reviews for the various brands of Hybrid SUV cars on the market today. Look for the best small SUV if you don’t need as much space.

Often the best SUV for cargo space, hybrid SUV will be just as possible as even the best midsize SUV or crossover SUV and will have lots of luxury features that come standard.

SUV Selection for 2016

What is the SUV selection 2016?

Each year, our team of experts select the best cars according to the tests we run. We carrefully try all the vehicles in all the possible natural situation to verify the resistance, power and drivability. We then analyze the price and options towards it.

This selection is then adapted to all the needs, according if you look for budget SUV or performance oriented.

If you want all our selection contact us and ask for the official 2016 SUV Selection !

Compact SUV

Jeep Cherokee

MSRP: $24,000 - $39,000
MPG: 21 city - 30 hwy

Overview: Jeep finest compact SUV

Jeep Wrangler

MSRP: $24,890 - $38,000
MPG: 17 city - 21 hwy

Overview: Jeep classic compact SUV.

Hyundai Tucson

MSRP: $23,595 - $32,195 $
MPG: 23 city - 30 hwy

Overview: hyundai new compact SUV.

Kia Sportage

MSRP: $23,045 - $32,385 $
MPG: 22 city - 29 hwy

Overview: Kia simple and great compact suv

Mitsubishi Outlander Sport

MSRP: $20,400 - $28,290
MPG: 23 city - 29 hwy

Overview: Mitsubishi new compact SUV

Ford Escape

MSRP: $24,485 - $32,650
MPG: 21 city - 29 hwy

Overview: Ford's compact and aggressive SUV.
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Midsize SUV


MSRP: $61,595 - $76,295
MPG: 18 city - 25 hwy

Overview: BMW release its now classic midsize SUV.


MSRP: $55,695 - $72,495
MPG: 18 city - 25 hwy

Overview: Simple and elegant midsize SUV.

Infiniti QX70

MSRP: $46,845 - $48,295
MPG: 17 city - 24 hwy

Overview: Infinity has its classic midsize SUV.

Mercedes Benz GLE Class

MSRP: $52,000 - $66,475
MPG: 18 city - 24 hwy

Overview: Mercedes eternal midsize SUV.

Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT

MSRP: $66,700
MPG: 13 city - 19 hwy

Overview: Jeep release its agressive and beautifull midsize SUV.

Mercedes Benz GLE Coupe

MSRP: $66,025
MPG: 17 city - 23 hwy

Overview: Mercedes knows how to please with midsize SUV.
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Fullsize SUV

Ford Expedition

MSRP: $46,630 - $67,220
MPG: 15 city - 21 hwy

Overview: Ford with its magistral Fullsize SUV.

Nissan Armada

MSRP: $39,000 - $54,000
MPG: 13 city - 19 hwy

Overview: Nissan goes everywhere with Fullsize SUV.

GMC Yukon

MSRP: $49,000 - $69,000
MPG: 21 city - 30 hwy

Overview: GMC always ahead and present with Fullsize SUV.

Toyota Sequoia

MSRP: $46,320 - $66,000
MPG: 13 city - 17 hwy

Overview: Toyota makes it longer with Fullsize SUV.

Chevrolet Tahoe

MSRP: $48,195 - $65,935
MPG: 16 city - 23 hwy

Overview: Chevrolet is simple and present with Fullsize SUV.

Chevrolet Suburban

MSRP: $51,000 - $68,635
MPG: 16 city - 23 hwy

Overview: Chevrolet makes it longer with Fullsize SUV.
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Hybrid SUV

Tesla Model X

MSRP: $81,200 - $116,000
MPG: 89 city - 90 hwy

Overview: Tesla is more and more present with the Hybrid SUV.

Mercedes Benz GLA Class

MSRP: $33,425 - $35,425
MPG: 25 city - 35 hwy

Overview: mercedes makes it clean with Hybrid SUV.

KIA Niro Hybrid

MSRP: TBD - 2017
MPG: TBD - 2017

Overview: Kia goes beyond with Hybrid SUV.
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